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Skill Acquisition - Health & Fitness

Swimmers in this area are working through several stages of development that are directed towards attaining a very high level of competency. Each will progress through these different levels at a rate that is entirely dependent on their own individual ability, skill, age, strength and readiness to move forward. It is strongly recommended that swimmers in any of these squads join the Caribeae Swimming Club.

Development Squads

Having recently learnt to swim, it is important to master the skill of being able to swim in ever changing water conditions. As well, developing the strength to use your newly acquired swimming skills effectively is an essential component of becoming a 'safer' swimmer. Additionally, the need to shape and reshape swimming technique as improvement and/or growth occur is very important, particularly during puberty.

Junior Squads

We can have some FUN. By joining a junior squad, the developing swimmer can share in the company of other like minded children while gaining the skills and strength that not only make them better swimmers, but also provides them with a strong body that they can build their lives around.

Senior Squads
You are never too old to learn new skills.  Older swimmers enjoy the social interaction while challenging themselves both physically and mentally. The company of others makes their individual task easier so all members benefit from the shared experience.

Adult Squads

Most adults enjoy the social interaction with one another just as much as the health benefits they receive and often many former swimmers find this squad activity fits into their new adult lifestyle very comfortable. Additionally, the friendship and camaraderie enjoyed creates a strong motivating force that encourages participation in this group activity.

Competitive Squads
I have a need. The need for SPEED!

The ability of the water to equalize the playing field for swimmers is perhaps the most exciting thing about our sport. One does not need to be big or small since the water provides a resistance that matches the strength and size of the person trying to swim through it. It really does create a level playing field that lets the talents and ability of each swimmer shine through. By joining the club there will be extra benefits and individual interactions between you and the coach which will assist you mentally and physically. e.g. setting swimming goals.

Swimming is an individual sport within a team environment. It is exactly what one encounters in the workplace.

9yo koda winning silver

Here is a video 3 years after the video above of koda winning his first state medal at his first states.  Lane 2