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    Squads Information

    Caribeae believes in nurturing swimmers talents and as their confidence, swimming ability, technique, skills and endurance develops they will be progressed through the appropriate level squad groups. Though this may seem set out on paper, there are some small exceptions at times which may slightly differ from the guidelines above.

    Learn To Swim: https://caribeae.com/learn-to-swim 

    Benefits Of Squad Swimming: 

    Swimming is an amazing sport and teaches so much more than you can imagine.  Setting and achieving goals, friendship, camaraderie, health, fitness & cross training for other sports are just some of the benefits that come from knowing how to swim well. 

    Obviously swimming is a skill which may save your life however swimming also offers lifelong health and fitness benefits.  Swimming is often the ‘go to’ rehab exercise for all sorts of injuries and post operations. Caribeae has always believed in nurturing swimmers talents, no matter what their age, and advancing each child as they are ready.  

    Stroke Improvement (Seals):

     Once your child has progressed through the learn to swim  levels and is competent in all 4 strokes it is time to improve strength and technique to further develop their swimming abilities.This is a big step as children move from our smaller teaching pool into our bigger lap pool. This level is known as Stroke Improvement. Stroke improvement is an extension of our Learn to Swim classes as children become more independent in the water and start developing endurance. They will also learn basic dives and turns.

    Stroke Development 1 (Porpoises): 

    Porpoises are the 1st ‘squad’ level and is where the children start gaining confidence by building on their endurance capabilities, learn drills to further improve their stroke technique and also start using the ‘pace’ clock for small training sets. They will continue to develop diving and turning skills. 

    Stroke Development 2 (Dolphins): 

    Stroke Development (Dolphin) is where children progress to as they build their endurance and strengthen their technique.  They start learning more complex sets using the pace clock, continue developing dives and turns and push offs. Children in this group usually have competition goals.

    Junior Emerging Squad (Junior Barracuda): 

    Junior Emerging is for our active young competitive club swimmers who are keen competitors. Jnr Barracudas focus is on technique, speed, competition rules and enjoyment. Approximate age is 6 –8  years.  Coach selection applies.

    Emerging Squad (Barracudas):

     Caribeae’s Emerging Squad is for our keen competitive young swimmers with goals to compete at State meets and beyond. Barracuda’s enjoy challenging training sets. Approximate age is 8—10. Coach Selection applies.

    Swim Fit Squad (Otters):

     Swim Fit is perfect for children who are swimming for fitness and not really into the competition side of things. Technique, fitness and enjoyment  are the key goals of this group. We want all children to enjoy our swimming program and we know not everyone wants to compete.

    Senior Development Squad (Silver Polar Bear): 

    Our Senior Squad is for children who enjoy swimming for fitness and may be participating in the squad as part of a cross training program. Silver Polar Bears have a good foundation of swimming ability and have a competitive nature. 


     State Squad (Gold Polar Bear): 

    Children generally progress here from the Emerging squad. Gold Polar Bears members of the Caribeae Swimming Club, are highly motivated and have a very competitive nature. They have competed at State level and have goals to qualify and compete at State & National meets.  Approximate age is 10+.

    National Squad (Platinum Polar Bear):

     National Squad members have competed at State and or National Meets. They are competitive club

    members, are highly motivated and have a very competitive nature. Platinum Polar Bears have goals, enjoy challenges and love being a ‘swimmer’. 

    Adult Swim Fit Squad (Gators):

    You are never too old to learn new skills.  Older swimmers enjoy the social interaction while challenging themselves both physically and mentally. The company of others makes their individual task easier so all members benefit from the shared experience.

     Masters Squad (Crocs):

    "You will never stop learning as long as you live."

    Most adults enjoy the social interaction with one another just as much as the health benefits they receive and often many former swimmers find this squad activity fits into their new adult lifestyle very comfortable. Additionally, the friendship and camaraderie enjoyed creates a strong motivating force that encourages participation in this group activity.