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Squad Fun

Despite the fact that squad training is mainly hard work and focuses on improvement, there is always time for fun. Below are some of our picks for the best representation of our squad fun here at Caribeae. Enjoy!

                                         A lot of attempts were made to capture this ring bubble. Well worth the effort.

Jacob Spark Doing Push-Ups With Koda On His Back

Although this is a part of the fun section you can tell by the video this was no easy work. Jacob manages to smash out 6 pushups with roughly 30kg on his back at the end of a hard training session.

Mannequin Challenge

This was great fun for all members of the squad. Getting to see themselves and all their friends in perfectly still position during a video seemed 'Hollywood like'. It was an awesome trend and definitely something you should check out.

Beach Fun

An open water training session is challenging, however, in true Caribeae style, there is always time for fun.

Brock's Box Jump

Strength and resistance training in the gym is very beneficial to our swimmers.

Bounce X-Park After States

Once State Championships is over and the hard work has paid off, it's time to bounce.

Caribeae Swimmers Model New Swimwear For The 'Fashion Show'.