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We at the Caribeae Swimming Academy prides ourselves on the quality of instruction we provide to learners of any age, nationality, disability or ability. 
Our vast experience in every facet of swimming instruction and coaching is our guarantee that you will receive the very best results when you enter our instructional program.
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See Our Range of Programs Below

Water Awareness for Babies and Toddlers

Caribeae's water awareness and baby classes a designed to give you child an understanding of the water and a comfort in an unfamiliar environment. Our programs will gift babies and toddlers with ability of simple water skills and comfort in an attempt to minimise the harm that water can present to very young children.

Learn To Swim

It is never too late or too early to learn to swim. We at Caribeae pride ourselves on the ability to teach people, young and old, how to swim. With the large amount of water based activities present in Australia, it is necessary to know the fundamentals of swimming in order to safely operate in and around water.

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Stroke Improvement

Once you have conquered the ability to learn to swim, it is now time to focus on the technical correctness or your swimming stroke. This allows the efficiency of the swimmer to be refined, allowing them to swim faster while using less energy.


Squads are a great way for you or your child to develop your swimming ability further as a part of a group. As a squad member, you will often be encouraged to join the club and compete, though this is not mandatory. This can range from club nights to national championships. For more information on the various squad groups, please click the squad steps button below.

Fitness Activities

There is no better way to stay fit than to swim. Whether you fancy swimming as a cross training option or simply for the fitness, it is well known to be unmatched when it comes to developing cardiovascular fitness.