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Vorgee Junior Kickboard Pink

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The Vorgee Junior Kickboard is made from a high quality EVA construction and is the classic shape designed for children aged up to 10 years. It has great stability and appropriate floatation, no matter what style of swimming your  littles one is doing. Whether they are a beginner or an advanced swimmer, they will benifit by having the Vorgee Junior kickboard in their swimming kit. The Vorgee kickboard is a swim aid to guide they whilst working on kicking and different strokes, it will not keep them afloat. It will put children in the optimum position in the water for swimming which will increase technique when not using the board. The most common use of the kickboard is to concentrate on the kicking style as their  hands will be holding the board so they can focus on theirr legs. Many swimmers who are not 100% confident in the water will also use this board.