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Sticky Face Wipes

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Our sunscreen has been developed with Australia’s leading sunscreen manufacturer to our own unique specifications. All Australian sunscreens have to be rigorously tested in order to be approved as safe to use by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). So when you buy Australian Made sunscreen you can be confident you are buying the best and the safest on the market. Our unique sunscreen range is the one you can trust.


What the hell are oxybenzones anyway and why should I care?

Oxybenzone is an organic chemical compound and it is commonly used in many sunscreens worldwide to act as a UVA filter and it's primary function is to absorb UV light. You also absorb it into your skin and research shows it stays in our system for an unknown amount of time!

Scientist’s have also found oxybenzone wreaks havoc on coral reef systems.

It BLEACHES the coral and then it dies!
It DAMAGES the DNA of Coral which affects the ability to reproduce!
It acts as a HORMONE (endocrine) DISRUPTOR so they produce too much calcium carbonate and begin to encase themselves in their own skeleton = Death!
It DEFORMS young coral and they stop swimming, change shape and their mouths grow five times bigger!