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Club membership is open to all clients of the Caribeae Swimming Academy.

For new and returning members, a club 'Sign-on and BBQ' is advertised each season. Membership forms are available for completion on the day or for those joining later, membership can be activated online. In addition, club membership applications are always available from the Caribeae Swimming Academy Office during opening hours. An application is processed at the management meeting following its submission.

While swimmers have joining fees, "Parent Membership" is free and parents are encouraged to avail themselves of free insurance cover by registering as parent members.

Life Members

David Milburn

Margaret Milburn

Michael Borg

Judy Borg

Nick Dash

Ken O'Brien


Club Swimmers

Club swimming nights are the base that the Caribeae Swimming Academy Club build it's competitive reputation upon. 

Many of the club's new members have progressed through the Academy's instructional learn to swim program, then joined a stroke improvement squad, before entering other Academy development squads.

Once having joined a stroke improvement squad, swimmers will benefit immensely from club involvement and parents are encouraged to join the Caribeae Swimming Club while their children develop their swimming skills further. 

It is within the club environment that new squad members develop into strong swimmers. Additionally, each is shown how to compete in a sportsmanlike manner, master all of the competition swimming rules and learn the finer points of competive swimming. All, while enjoying the excitement of swimming fast.

The goal for all of our club swimmers is self-improvement and each is encouraged to become the best that they can be. 

Competitive Swimmers

Each swimming season we are fortunate to have a strong team of swimmers who each "Fly the Caribeae Flag" whenever they compete in competitions. The efforts of these swimmers, either individually or as a part of a team competition, ensures the Caribeae Swimming Academy Club members are recognized whenever and wherever they compete.

The name Caribeae has become synomomous with excellence and we recognize the contributions that each of our swimmers is making to the proud reputation that Caribeae Swimming Club already enjoys. 

The manner in which you each compete is adding to our club's history and further increasing our reputation as a most formidable opponent. Our swimmers should never be underestimated and never, ever be taken for granted.

Parent Members and Club Supporters

The caring nature of our adult club members compliments the 'Team' atmosphere that exists at Caribeae and with this comes the opportunity for each of us to share some very special "Quality Time" with our children.

Caribeae Swimming Club has earned the support of many people and we thank each of you for your ongoing support. This help is often unsolicited and comes in many shapes and forms.  It is always appreciated and those who provide it are never taken for granted. Without the constant support of our club behind our swimmers at every carnival and training session, they would simply be swimming laps with no desire. Supporters bring the Caribeae Swimming Club to life and is an incredibly important part of swimming.

Every Caribeae swimmer values the support our club receives.  Please accept our thanks.

It is our collective efforts that make Caribeae such a special club.

Our children are the beneficeries of our combined efforts year after year.