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Learn To Swim

"How long does it take to learn to swim?"

There is no easy answer to this question because there are so many variables that can impact on the speed a beginner can learn at. Therefore time itself should not be the measure of learning any skill, let alone swimming. 

The youngest child we have had to date was a lad named Zachary who, at 2-years of age, swam the 50-metres of an Olympic pool because his older sister who was herself 4-years old at the time, was doing it. We place no restriction on what the child should be capable of doing.

Swimming is a three dimensional activity that is performed in a dangerous medium that requires co-ordination of the swimming stroke with a regular breathing pattern, in order to accomplish it effectively. It really is a case of the learner showing us they have mastered the skills in such a way that they could be considered 'safe' in most situations. Always keep in mind, that not even the greatest swimmer in the world is ever drown-proofed. However, that person would have a far greater chance of survival in circumstances that would see most swimmers perish.

"A swimmer should exhibit correct body and head position in the water, while swimming with a controlled stroke and taking their breath in a relaxed and regular manner."

Children up to 12 years

Times are made available before and after school. A class is 30 minutes in duration. Tuition can be private or in a small class of 4 - 6 depending on skill levels. One to two lessons a week is recommended.

This is an important time to ensure your child can swim. Often, youngsters who have not mastered the skill in primary school tend not to master it in secondary school without returning to the lesson environment.

Older Children 12+

We have found it best to have an older secondary school child to have either individual lessons at a time to suit, or join an adult group in which younger children are not involved.

Lesson duration is normally 30 minutes. Times can be arranged to suit. Adult lessons are normally conducted one evening each week.  Normally, once having gained their confidence, it will not take them long to master the basics of the skill.


Individual instruction is often the best method for an adult beginner as the one to one ratio gives them the initial self-confidence in their ability while providing privacy.

Once having acquired the basic skills, many adults choose to join an adult learn to swim and stroke improvement class where they share their learning experience with others.

The lesson duration for adults can vary between 30-minutes and 60-minutes.

"You will never stop learning as long as you live."

New Australians

People from many different nationalities, even some with cultural differences that need consideration, have all been taught to swim successfully. Our instructional methods bridge all language barriers and those who thought they could never be able to swim have gone away happy with the results of our lessons.

Private instruction can be arranged at times to suit.  Male and female instructors. Lesson duration is usually 30minutes or 60 minutes.


The list of successes we have had in teaching disabled swimmers is extremely large.

Sufficient instructional time and the opportunity to practice are important considerations for anyone with a disability and their instruction should never be rushed.  Our warm teaching pool provides an ideal learning enviroment for anyone unable to maintain their own body warmth because of some injury or impediment.