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Fund Raising

All funds raised each season are used to benefit the members of our club.

Each season The Caribeae Swimming Club conducts several Fund Raising activities.

Become involved in club activities and see the difference you can make to people's lives, including your own.


The annual 'Swim-a-thon' is an event that many look forward to, as a challenge, a day of fun and a chance to help out Caribeae with their efforts. The swim-a-thon consists of a 40 minute swim while participants attempt to swim as far as they can in that time. A sheet is given out and participants must reach out to people to be their 'sponsors' for the swim, whether they donate a static fee or a 'per lap' fee. 

The group is divided in two, with the young kids people being in one group and the older people being in the next which will be split into two different swims at two different times. Rewards are available for the participants that swim the most laps in each group and raise the most money in each group.

Often once the swim has been conducted their will be games or free-time in the pool for participants or anyone that would like to join in.  It is an event for all and will prove to be a fun time for anyone.

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

A Bunnings Sausage Sizzle is held at least once a year by the club and always proves to be an excellent fundraiser. The club will buy the sausages, bread and drinks, however we will need volunteers to work as servers, cashiers and cooks throughout different time slots of the day. Simply see us in the Caribeae office or send us an email at caribeae@bigpond.net.au to put your name down for your certain job at your desired time. You're assistance is greatly appreciated.

Ginger Mule Sausage Sizzle

Recently we have had an opportunity by the Ginger Mule to sell sausages outside the front of their restaurant from 9pm at night until late. It has proved to be a very successful fundraiser for us and has been done every week on a Saturday night by different members of the club each time. If you would like to do this fundraiser, we will have an assistant come out with you to show you what needs to be done and how to do it, as well as maximising sales. This fundraiser is not for kids. however may be quite fun for adults to do. Give it a try, you are helping your club out.

Footy Doubles

When rugby league commences, state of origin and finals, there are footy doubles sold in the office, which cost $2 and have the potential of you winning $200. They will contain two numbers, the first try scoring numbers of each team and if you get that right you will win the award and the club will benefit financially.


Multiple times throughout the year, raffles are held by the club. Tickets will cost $2 and you have the chance of winning various prizes which often include wheelbarrows or buckets full of goods. Items are often donated to the raffle by club members, whether it be one item or the whole prize. You are not limited to the amount of tickets you buy and you will be more than pleased when you come away with a win.

Club Night BBQ

Each Friday night, a club night BBQ is held whilst club is on, which offers sausages and chicken or beef burgers. On the night, a cook, cashier and server are needed for the job to run smoothly. A younger kid can serve. However, adults must cook and handle the cash. If you can help out on Friday night, call into the office to put your name onto the roster or send an email at caribeae@bigpond.net.au. This is an easy way to make a contribution to the club & our swimmers & all revenue goes towards our end of season club Presentation & Awards Night.

Trivia Night

Trivia night is an enjoyable night out and is a great fundraising activity. A family activity enjoying a range of foods & drinks that are interspersed with different Trivia activities. Tickets are also sold in several Raffles during the evening. Winning teams will have prizes distributed towards the end of the night. For exact times and locations see one of our staff or send us an email at caribeae@bigpond.net.au.

Chocolate Drives

Chocolate drives are traditional. We know they work & greatly appreciate your help with this fundraiser. Caribeae Club will order a quantity of chocolate boxes which can be sold by our members. You tell us how many boxes you would like to sell. The chocolates are easy to sell and is a proven fundraiser when it is supported by all members. Our children reap the benefit of our efforts.

Footy Tipping

Throughout the Rugby League season, there will be a footy tipping competition held online. Any member, their families or our supporters are invited to be a part of the tipping challenges. It is always good fun, especially when you pick the winning team no one else went for. The Rugby League season starts in late February or early March and finishes in late September or early October. Rules are simple with multiple games each week until the finals arrive. Then the game amount gradually gets smaller. If interested, other comps that spring to mind are AFL, Rugby & Soccer.

Contact Rachele Milburn or the Office for details & register your interest for 2018