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Fitness Activities

Not only is being able to swim is a pre-requisite to so many other activities, it is a sport that can be a part of your life for the whole of your life. Not only does the water support tired and aching joints during exercise, but it is capable of providing resistance to whatever force you apply against it. As a swimmer, you will burn excess kilojoules, tone up muscle, improve cardio-vascular fitness, maintain joint mobility, all while exercising in an almost weightless environment.

Cross Training

The cardio-vascular improvement we achieve from swimming greatly benefit athletes in other sporting fields and it provides an ideal way to reduce monotony while providing positive training benefits.

Swimmers also use cross training methods. However, in their cross training program, they will focus more on maintaining fitness and gaining strength, since they each already have a well developed cardio-vascular system.

Aqua Fitness
There are different class activity levels to suit beginners, intermediate and advanced workouts.  Your regular attendance is encouraged each week. However you may come on a casual basis that fits your own time availability.  Have a chat to us and we will assist you in whatever way possible.

There are discounts available for regular attendees. Enquire at the Caribeae office.

Adult Swimming

Most adults we instruct, either did not have an opportunity to learn or they were not fortunate enough to have had a teacher who took the time to ensure they were a safe swimmer and not just someone who could move from point A to point B.  There are a great many people can move in the water but really do have great difficulty taking and maintaining their breathing for any length of time.  If you can't swim, or you are a person who can swim with difficulty, then you should attend our weekly 1 hour, evening adult instructional class where our experienced staff will pinpoint what needs to be fixed and you will very quickly be swimming much better.

Contact our office for details of the evening classes or you may choose private instruction.

RLSSA Activity Club
This activity club gives our older swimmers the opportunity to develop new skills and share their common interest in a sport they love.

As well as gaining worthwhile life-saving skills, training in RLSSA activities can lead to competive opportunities to represent Australia. There is a Queensland Championship held yearly in this discipline. Those selected from this meet to represent Queensland at the National championships have the opportunity to gain selection into an Australian team. To date, three past squad members have representated Australia in Life Saving. These are Jason O'Pray, Jenny Parry and Aimee Cantrell.

Contact the Caribeae office for more details.

Hydrotherapy Use

For those people requiring time to access our heated pool for therapy, each day we can offer several time slots for you to choose from. Please contact our office to arrange a time to suit.  Our enclosed pool is an ideal temperature for hydrotherapy, as body warmth can be maintained while exercising gently. Should you require a pool that is not as warm, our 20-metre lap pool, which is kept at a cooler temperature, is also available for use at different times during the day.

Disability Swimming

To be able to swim provides most disabled people with an opportunity to share a sense of freedom that they would otherwise be deprived of.  The bouyancy they each experience in the water, allows their body to be supported while they enjoy themselves and every teacher knows that having 'fun' is a catalyst to learning.

The Disabled Olympics provides a sporting opportunity which can be set as a goal and along the journey towards it, there will be many friendships made and challenges overcome.

Often, swimmers who commenced learning to swim with us and continued instruction while swimming for therapy have found their way into National and International competitions.  This had not been an immediate goal for any of them at the time of their first classes, however over time, our instructional program ensured their swimming skills were developed to such a high standard that success automatically came their way.

These National Champions and International Disabled swimmers have been a part of our teaching and coaching program.  Tracy Lewis Australian Champion as well as Australian and Olympic Representative.

Todd Anderson Australian Age Group Record Holder. Taneya Shannon International Representative.