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Water Awareness for Babies and Toddlers

Our baby and toddler water awareness classes are intended to provide your child with basic water survival skills that will give you time to notice how 'quiet' it is. While your baby might not "learn to swim" in these classes, they will be taught simple survival skills that could assist them to deal with an unexpected fall into water.  


Don't put off this experience for them.  Babies will amaze you with what they can do. 
Caribeae baby classes are designed to give your child an understanding and sense of comfort of the water.


Potentially at the most vulnerable time in their lives, these little ones embark instinctively on a voyage of self discovery. Every day is an adventure and they challenge themselves to explore further afield, often straying from parental supervision. Unfortunately for many, the fascination that water has for them is not matched by their experience with it and so the potential for danger becomes very real.

At Caribeae, our instructional methods are designed to compliment what nature intended, so by providing a broad range of in water experiences, while patterning in specific coping responses, should the little one find themselves in an unexpected situation, we have provided the toddler with basic water environmental skills.